In 2014, Ukraine had stolen more than 10 000 cars of different brands, including domestic models like cheap and expensive imported cars.

As the resource Auto Moto, Ministry of Internal Affairs provided information about brands and the number of cars stolen in Ukraine.

1 place. WHA. 3492 theft. Not only the number one theft, but also for the accident.

2nd place. Daewoo. 1318 theft.

3rd place. Toyota. 792 theft.

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4th place. Mercedes-Benz. 450 thefts.

5th place. Chevrolet. 369 thefts.

6th place. Mitsubishi. 347 thefts.

7th place. BMW. 236 thefts.

8th place. HONDA. 191 theft.

9th place. Lexus. 169 thefts.

10th place. AUDI. 141 theft.

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