The woman became pregnant in 1948, the year, but because it was young and stupid, just do not understand. And when I realized, I think everything will resolve itself, but it is not resorbed — the child died. 90-year-old Chinese woman went to the doctor complaining of abdominal pain. Analyses showed that the cause of the disease — the baby, who was in her womb since 1948! Conceived 60 years ago a child died in the bud. Doctors recommend women to do the surgery, but you need to do a sum she did not have, and refused medical services in the hope of miscarriage. Which never happened. Forgetting about the case, the woman quietly lived to old age, but recently it began to bother persistent abdominal pain. On x-ray was clearly visible dead embryo. — The idea is dead embryo for such period had long since come back to haunt, says an employee of the clinic. — It is strange that the pain came just now. With such a diagnosis would be expected more serious consequences.

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