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1. · In 1912, while the train from London to Glasgow appeared out of nowhere in the hands of a man who had a long whip and bitten piece of bread. In the first few minutes he was in shock, the passengers could not calm him down. Arriving a man said, «I — Pimp Drake, the driver of Chetnema. Where am I? Where am I? «. Drake claimed that he was from the eighteenth century. After a few minutes it back disappeared. Experts from the National Museum confident argued that subjects who remained after the arrival of a stranger from the past, dating back to the eighteenth century. In the end it turned out that this settlement does exist, and moreover, that it worked coachman Pimp Drake, who was born in the middle of the eighteenth century.

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2. · From the archives of the New York Police: In November 1956, on Broadway was shot down by an unknown man. The driver and witnesses claimed that he came out of nowhere. In his pocket he found the identity and business cards, on which was written, where he lives, he worked as a salesman, and more. The police found in the archive of a man and interviewed the relatives and the people who lived there. Found a old lady claims that her father disappeared about 60 years ago in unknown circumstances: went for a walk down Broadway and never returned. Picture taken in 1884, her father has fully confirmed that this is the man that hit by a car.

3. A few years ago in New York on charges of fraud was arrested someone Andrew Karl-syn. He invested in shares less than a thousand dollars in 2 weeks on the stock exchange earned 350 million dollars. It is noteworthy that it commits trading initially promised not win. The state authorities have accused Karlsin that he had received a lucrative information for themselves illegally because they do not find other reasons for such amazing results. Although all experts agree that even having a perfect information about the companies where it can not be invested so much money and so much for such a period
However, the interrogation Karlsin unexpectedly announced that he had emerged from the 2256 and .obladaya information on all bank transactions over the years, has decided to enrich themselves. He flatly refused to show his time machine, but made a tempting offer for the authorities — to inform some upcoming important events that proizuydut soon in the world, including the whereabouts of bin Laden and the invention of AIDS drugs …
According to unconfirmed reports, someone introduced him bail of one million dollars that he got out of jail, then Karlsin disappeared, apparently forever …
4. A strange incident occurred in a small California town in the summer of 1936. On the street it was an old-fashioned dressed, not known to anyone, frightened old woman. She literally jumped aside from offering her help passers-by. Her unusual outfit and strange behavior attracted the curious: in this town all knew each other, and the emergence of such a colorful figure has not gone unnoticed. When the old woman saw a gathering of people around her, she was in despair and confusion looked around and suddenly disappeared in front of dozens of witnesses.

5. Time nasty jokes not only with individuals, under his power and very impressive facilities. American parapsychologists argue that the Pentagon secret list striking incident that occurred with one of the submarines. The submarine was in the waters of the infamous Bermuda Triangle when suddenly disappeared, literally moments after the signal has been received from her already … of the Indian Ocean.
However, the incident with the submarine was not limited to the movement in space by a great distance, and there was quite a significant time travel: the crew of the submarine literally tens of seconds aged 20 years
6. And with the aircraft, and sometimes there are more terrible accident. In 1997, the magazine «W. W. News »told about the mysterious airplane DC-4, which in 1992 landed in Caracas (Venezuela). This aircraft is seen serving the airport, although no marks on the radar, he did not give. Soon managed to contact the pilot. Surprised and even frightened voice pilot reported that the charter flight 914 from New York to Miami with 54 passengers on board, and is destined to land at 9:55 am on 2 June 1955, at the end he asked: «Where are we are? »
Stunned message dispatchers pilot told him that he is above the airport in Caracas and gave permission to land. The pilot did not answer, but during landing all heard his exclamation of surprise: «Jimmy! What the hell! » Wonder American pilot apparently caused soaring at this time a jet plane …
Mysterious plane landed safely, its pilot was breathing hard, he finally said: «Something is wrong here» . When he was told that he landed May 21, 1992, the pilot exclaimed: «Oh my God!» He tried to calm him, said that it has already sent to the ground crew. However, having seen next to the airplane airport employees, the pilot shouted: «Do not go near! We’re leaving here! »
Employees ground crew saw the astonished faces of the passengers in the ports, and DC-4 pilot opened the window in his cab and waved to them some magazine, claiming that they did not approach the aircraft. He started the engines, the plane took off and disappeared. Did he get there in time? Unfortunately, the fate of the crew and passengers of the plane is unknown because of any historical investigation of this case, the magazine is not reported. As evidence of this unusual incident at the airport in Caracas remained recording of conversations with the DC-4 and a calendar for 1955 that had fallen from the magazine, which the pilot waving …

7. Resident of Sebastopol, a retired naval officer Ivan Pavlovich Zalygin the last fifteen years has been studying the problem of displacement in time. Interest in the phenomenon of the captain of the second rank came after a very curious and mysterious event that happened to him at the end of the 80s of the last century in the Pacific, in the period of service as deputy commander of diesel submarine. During one of the educational campaigns in the area of ​​La Perouse Strait boat caught in a heavy thunderstorm storm. The commander of the submarine decided to take buoyancy. As soon as the ship surfaced watchman reported that direct-io Exchange sees unidentified shavsredstvo. It soon became clear that the Soviet submarine bumped into being in the neutral waters of the lifeboat in which divers found half dead frostbite human form … Japanese sailor during World War II. On examination of personal belongings have been found rescued premium pistol, as well as documents issued September 14, 1940.
After the report command base boat was ordered to go to the port of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where Japanese sailor was waiting counterintelligence. With team members GRU officer was taken a subscription to disclose this fact over the next ten years.

6. In 1966, the three brothers were early New Year’s morning on the streets of Glasgow. Suddenly, 19-year-old Alex disappeared in front of his older brothers. All attempts to find him were unsuccessful. Alex disappeared without a trace, and more has not been seen.

7.Fotografiya virtual Bralorne Pioneer Museum museum called pretty boring name «Reopening of the South Fork Bridge after flood in Nov. 1940. 1941 (?) «Became a small sensation. Public claims that it captures a time traveler. The reason for this became some of the features of his clothes and portable camera in his hands: it sunglasses, a nd not worn in the 40’s T-shirt with the logo of the advertising, fashion sweater for the 21st century, hairstyle for th did in those days, and portable camera.

8. John Titor — time traveler, who predicted the war
John Titor — a man from the future, who in 2000 appeared on the internet on forums, blogs and various websites. John claimed that he was a time traveler and arrived here from 2036. Initially, he was banished in 1975 to collect information about the computer IBM-5100, as his grandfather worked on the creation of a computer and programmed in it, but he stopped in 2000 due to personal reasons. On the forums, he talked about future events. NONCOR of them have already taken place: the war in Iraq, the conflict in the US presidential elections of 2004 and 2008. He also talked about the Third World War / Here what a bleak future of our planet: the second civil war split America on 5 fractions with the new capital in Omaha. In 2015, World War III breaks out, the result of which will be the loss of three billion people.

Then, to top it all, there will be a computer glitch that will destroy the world familiar to us. That is, it will be so brave if a time traveler will not overcome the space-time continuum to change the course of history. It was in late 2000. Poster in various forums took a network alias «TimeTravel_0» and «John Titor», and claimed that he was a soldier sent from the 2036-th — the year when a computer virus destroyed the world. His mission was to return in 1975, the second to find and capture the IBM PC 5100, which had everything you need to fight the virus (and in 2000 he was the first to meet with a 3-year-old, ignoring the paradox of the very fabric of time histories about time travel). Over the next four months Taytor answered all the questions that were on the other participants, describing future events in the spirit of poetic phrases, and always pointing out that there are other realities, and our reality may not be his own. In between calls gloomy learn first aid and did not eat beef — its reality mad cow disease poses a serious threat — Taytor using extremely difficult algorithms revealed some technical aspects as to how the time travel and provided grainy pictures of his time machine. Twenty-fourth in March 2001 Taytor gave his last piece of advice («Take a canister out of petrol when leaving the car on the side of the road»), log out forever, and went back. Since then, he no longer was declared. Today all that is posted online, perceived with a healthy dose of skepticism. We attack professionals photoshop mounted films, viral advertising campaigns with huge budgets, as well as the Nigerian princess, ready to share his vast fortune in exchange for mere trifles — information about our bank account. Almost any video someone will write «Fake!». History Taytora of those days when we were all so innocent at the time, which was less than 15 years ago, just before everything began to change. And the legend of Taytore persists in part because no one has declared himself its creator. As the mystery is not solved, the legend continues. «The story of John Titor popular because some of these stories are just becoming popular,» says writer and producer Brian Denning, specializing in the topic of Taytore. Of all the stories about ghosts, demons voices, sell or wandering on the internet rumors saying something becomes popular. Why not become such a popular story about Taytore. Although there is a (tiny, almost scientifically impossible), and the probability of another. «One of the keys to unlocking Taytora», wrote in his e-mail the person under the name Temporal Recon, «is the assumption of the probability that the time travel may be true.» The great thing about time travel that history can not be denied. If events do not occur as a time traveler said, it is because he changed the course of history.

And yet … if this man John Titor wanted propiaritsya, why is it gone forever ?! Whether it took the security services or whether he went back is a mystery.

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